Google Photography’ Revamped Video Editor Arrives on Android

Two examples of the new Google Photos video editor.

Assist in February, Google announced that the revamped video editor for its Photography app would near on Android devices after months of being iOS-exclusive. Now, Google Photography customers on Android lastly beget entry to the grand new video editor thru a server-side rollout.

The updated video editor brings quite a bit of new capabilities to the Photography app on Android, including horizon correction, improved cropping, markup tools, color correction, vignettes, and video filters. Instruments from the gentle video editor, delight in video stabilization and rotation, are also on hand in the brand new editor.


Google is making quite a bit of adjustments to the Photography app this year, allowing other folks to release more storage and particular modifying capabilities with a Google One subscription. The firm fair nowadays announced plans to cease limitless storage for non-paying customers, and unlocked some previously Pixel-exclusive photo modifying tools (portrait blur, color pop, and so on) for paying clients.

Other folks working the most fresh model of Photography need to effect entry to the brand new video editor in the subsequent week or so. The new video editor is rolling out server-side, so if it isn’t on hand on your instrument, you’ll lawful need to wait.

Source: Google thru Android Police

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