Vinterberg To Helm Denmark Flood Series

Oscar-nominated Danish director Thomas Vinterberg (“One other Spherical,” “The Hunt”) will receive his TV series debut with “Families Like Ours” for Zentropa. The opinion-provoking drama, commissioned by Danish broadcaster TV2, is a six-portion family saga unfolding all the draw in which through summertime Denmark.A flood slowly starts taking up the country inflicting it to be gradually evacuated and of us must show farewell to what they treasure, what they know, and to who they’re. In a flash, all property is nugatory, all fortunes changed, and success favors fully just a few.Within the arriving years, Danes disperse in all directions: fully houses, colleges, and empty streets are left. These that can maybe maintain ample money it fade to factual countries, the less effectively-off want to use a authorities-funded program to lumber to extra tough locations.Vinterberg will helm your entire hunch and co-write the script with Bo Hr. Hansen (“The Excellent Heroes”). Taking pictures will kick off in gradual 2021 or early 2022 with the solid announced at a later stage.Source: Range Learn Extra