How a Wine Spritz Entrepreneur Spends Her Sundays

Jordan Salcito and her husband, Robert Bohr, live and work in a world of upscale wine and food. Ms. Salcito was a sommelier at Eleven Madison Park and David Chang’s Momofuku restaurants before starting Ramona, her own line of canned, Italian-style wine spritzes, in 2016. Mr. Bohr, who was also a noted sommelier and restaurant owner, is now running a wine importing business.

Since the pandemic, Ms. Salcito has focused on helping the industry that helped her, supporting initiatives like the Independent Restaurant Coalition, nonprofits like No Kid Hungry, and Speed Rack, an all-female cocktail competition that raises money for breast cancer research. Recently, she and another sommelier developed a new initiative, which advocates for pay equity and offers educational opportunities and resources for women and mothers in the wine industry and beyond.

Ms. Salcito, 40, and Mr. Bohr, 47, live with their sons, Henry, 5, and Ronan, 1, in SoHo.

GREEN JUICE AND PANCAKES The day usually begins at 6 in the morning, because we have an 18-month-old. Usually we’ll try to make a green juice. The 18-month-old really loves it and helps make it. He’s really left brain, so he likes to see how things work. He likes to plop things in the juicer. Then it’s a day for an exciting breakfast, something like lemon ricotta pancakes.

CURATED GROCERIES Last summer, we started getting delivery as a way of getting access to ingredients, but also as a way of supporting local restaurants. One of the staples is the pasta grocery bags from Misi. They’re great. They work with local farms. One of the bags has ricotta. It lasts a lot longer than the expiration date on the package. For every bag we purchase, an equal bag is donated to the Food Education Fund.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER I was allergic to dairy, wheat and corn until I was 7. My mom was adamant about us knowing what was in what we were eating. So we’re all good at reading labels. One of the reasons I like making breakfast or snacks with the kids is I really try to let the boys know what’s in their food. They get used to knowing what they’re eating.

BALLERINA BODY-BOUND Then we divide and conquer. Robert takes the boys around the block and gets a coffee. I get 20 to 30 minutes of exercise when Robert is out. There’s an amazing online resource from Kathryn Boren, who used to be with the American Ballet Theater. You can subscribe. I did do ballet — poorly — when I was 10.

CITY JEWELS Sunday is such a big day. We are fully with both kids. We try to make the days fun and educational and take advantage of some aspect of New York that is outside the house. We’ve tried to bump up our memberships to these organizations that make New York New York, whether it’s a trip to the museum or a botanical garden.

CHECKING IN If the place we’re visiting is by a place that carries Ramona, I’ll stop by and say hi. At the end of the day, it’s all about relationships. If it is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, we’ll stop by the ham bar & Sons. If it’s a store, then I try to buy anything that isn’t Ramona.

DINING LOCAL For dinner we support a local restaurant we love. Lately, we’ve been going to pick up food from King. I fell in love with it on a new level when Ronan was born. Someone packed some food up from King and brought it to me at the hospital. It’s very farm-to-table. It’s run by these three women. The two women chefs met at the River Café.

AESTHETICS I recently got a ceramic pot by Line Weng. She’s from Denmark. It’s one of those little things that makes me happy. I go to King and on the way, I stop at the deli. I buy whatever is long and branchy and with blossoms. Then I come back with the food and the branches and put the branches in the pot. I never paid much attention to ceramics, but it’s very comforting to have something made of the earth.

SWEET SNACK ACQ bread company is this bakery in Brooklyn. It’s a one-man operation run by Tyler Lee Steinbrenner. He does this one kind of bread only on Saturday, a chocolate milk bread. You have to reserve it in advance. It’s not sweet chocolate, it’s a tangy, fruity chocolate. It’s quite a thing to go and get this bread, but we see a responsibility to keep these businesses we love open. We usually eat it all the way through Tuesday.

BUBBLES The boys go into the bath at the same time. Bath time is like a marathon and a sprint. And I will have a Ramona before that, to be honest. Usually blood orange, just poured over ice.

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