How to Add Attachments to Gmail by Pasting Recordsdata into Chrome

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In Google Chrome 90 and later, you are going to be in a position to set recordsdata to an e mail in Gmail by copying the file in your file supervisor in Home windows, Mac, Linux, or Chrome OS and pasting it into the e mail window. Here’s the glorious draw to acquire it.

How It Works

Chrome 90 entails an experimental flag called “Clipboard Filenames.” When this flag is enabled, you are going to be in a position to set recordsdata to your e mail in Gmail by factual pasting the file (as in pasting a file in your file supervisor using Ctrl+V or Suppose+V).

This flag is supposed to work on Home windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android. We examined it on our Home windows and Mac machines and it worked factual truthful on Home windows. For some motive, it didn’t work on our particular Mac. Since this characteristic continues to be experimental, any contemporary points with the characteristic could maybe maybe additionally simply exchange in future updates to Chrome.

How to Quickly Paste Attachments into Gmail

Whereas it is possible you’ll maybe maybe maybe presumably be making an are trying to strive this characteristic, you’ll need to replace Chrome to make definite you’ve model 90 or later. Then open it.

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Within the Chrome window, click on the address bar on the head. Sort the following and press Enter:



The “Experiments” tab will delivery. Within the quest box on the head of the internet page, kind this:

Clipboard filenames

Search for Clipboard filenames in Chrome's

Within the quest outcomes, click on the drop-down menu beside “Clipboard filenames” and judge “Enabled.”


To carry out this exchange make a choice close, you’ll need to restart Chrome. Click on “Relaunch” on the bottom of the Chrome window.


Chrome will quick restart. In any Chrome tab, search suggestion from the Gmail attach of dwelling. Click on “Construct” in Gmail to carry out a unique e mail.


Next, delivery your computer’s file supervisor and to find the file that you just in any case are making an are trying to add as an attachment to your e mail. Use File Explorer on Home windows or Finder on Mac to strive this.

Beautiful-click on your file and judge “Copy.”


Now, swap relief to Chrome. Within the “Recent Message” window, genuine-click on the attach of dwelling where you kind the physique of your e mail message and judge “Paste” from the menu. Alternately, you are going to be in a position to click on the physique attach of dwelling and press Ctrl+V (on Home windows, Linux, or Chrome OS) or Suppose+V (on Mac) to paste the attachment file.

After pasting, you’ll uncover the attachment file listed on the bottom of the “Recent Message” pop-up window.

When you paste non-image files into Gmail's compose window, they will appear in a list at the bottom of the message.

Whereas you paste an portray file, this would maybe maybe additionally simply seem in-line. This kind that the image will possible be displayed all the draw thru the e mail text and won’t be handled as an attachment. If it is a divulge, click on the paperclip icon within the “Recent Message” window and set the file using the used technique.

And that’s it! Establish as many recordsdata as you admire using this map. Talking of Gmail attachments, obtain you know that you just are going to be in a position to place your Gmail attachments to Google Drive? That technique, you are going to be in a position to access them from any supported instrument.

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