Silence Your Android Phone Robotically While Charging

silence phone while charging

Whilst you’re enjoy most folk, you price your phone whereas you’re dozing. As a change of manually switching your Android phone to quiet mode each night, we’ll allow you robotically silence it whereas it’s charging.

Quiet mode on most Android devices doesn’t block alarms, which is exclusively while you silence your phone whereas dozing. On the opposite hand, we can attain better than that. With “Spoil No longer Disturb” mode, it is probably you’ll well silence your phone whereas charging and unexcited acquire necessary notifications.

The Google Clock app contains a suite of instruments below the “Bedtime” tab. Whilst it is probably you could a Google Pixel phone or a moderately original Android tool, there’s a simply chance it is probably you could additional bedtime alternatives with “Digital Wellbeing.”

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First, download the Google Clock app from the Play Store while you don’t have it already.

The Google Clock app in the Play Store.

Originate the “Clock” app after which faucet “Bedtime” in the backside toolbar.


Next, employ “Get Started.”


This may increasingly ask you to manufacture a wake-up awe. Faucet the minus (-) and plus (+) icons to preserve a time. Faucet the times of the week you wish make employ of the awe.

Tap the minus and plus signs to set an alarm time, and then tap the days of the week you want to use it.

There are some additional alternatives on this page while it is probably you’ll well presumably also be creating an awe, but for the capabilities of this files, we correct select on to employ a wake-up time. Faucet “Skip” as soon as you’re accomplished with this step.

skip setting an alarm

The Clock app will now ask you to establish a bedtime. Delight in before, employ the minus (-) and plus (+) icons to adjust the time after which faucet the times of the week you desire this to happen.

Tap the minus and plus signs to set the time you want your device silenced, and then tap the days of the week on which you want this to occur.

Now, in case your tool has Digitial Wellbeing, it is probably you’ll stare “Bedtime Mode” on this display cloak cloak. That is the build we are in a position to silence your phone whereas charging. Retract the likelihood.


Faucet “While Charging at Bedtime” the build it is probably you’ll stare the wake-up and bedtimes that we selected in the old steps.

while charging at bedtime

Beneath that, you’ll desire to toggle on “Spoil No longer Disturb.” This would make it probably for that notifications are silenced whereas your phone is plugged in in the midst of the chosen time window.


That’s all we desire shapely now. Faucet the succor arrow icon in the terminate-left to advance to the old display cloak cloak.

Tap the Back arrow when you're done in the

Retract the “Accomplished” button to design.

tap done to finish

To acquire the most easy out of this feature, you’ll desire to make it probably for it is probably you’ll well presumably have “Spoil No longer Disturb” mode spot up. Sadly, this task differs wildly by tool, but we have gotten a files for Google Pixel phones.

With all of these settings working collectively, your phone will be silenced at night while you price it, but necessary notifications will unexcited advance thru. That’s a think/think spot.

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