Keep $20 on a Celestron FireCel Plus hand-warmer combo this Sad Friday for these frigid stargazing nights

The Celestron FireCel Plus combo is a 3-in-1 handwarmer, flashlight and charger.

The Celestron FireCel Plus combo is a 3-in-1 handwarmer, flashlight and charger.
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Whenever you occur to are delight in me, frigid climate and stargazing are a combination that save no longer constantly extinguish for a cheerful evening, but this deal on a Celestron FireCel Plus appropriate may per chance well well well turn up the heat to your subsequent night time out taking a seek data from at stars and planets. 

Merely now, you may per chance well be ready to procure Celestron’s FireCel Plus combo for $33.49 at Amazon, down from $54.95. That is 39% off a three-in-one combo that serves as a hand-warmer, flashlight and USB charger for your smartphone or other tool. 

Stargazing at night time with a telescope, binoculars or the unaided take into legend is on the total a cool affair all over winter months, especially whereas you occur to are attempting to seek for a meteor bathe and spending hours hoping for a “capturing star.” Celestron’s FireCel Plus wards off the frigid by serving as a rechargeable heater with twin-aspect heating (to warm your palms) or single-aspect heating for when or no longer it’s in a pocket. 

The Celestron FireCel Plus weighs about 6.7 oz. (190 grams) and suits within the palm of an adult hand. Or no longer it’s 6 inches (15 centimeters) long, 3 inches (8 cm) huge and 2 inches (5 cm) deep, and appears delight in an oversize automotive key a ways off. 

The hand warmer is tipped with four LED lights that can aid as a typical white-light flashlight whereas you’re looking out for a upright looking at place, as well to a crimson-light flashlight to supply protection to your night time vision whereas scanning the night time sky. Each and every light colours private five different blinking modes, including SOS patterns to aid signal others in an emergency. 

Rounding out this three-in-one accessory is its charging characteristic. The FireCel Plus carries a 5,200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that ought to give users two full prices of a smartphone, song participant or other diminutive devices. It also comes with a diminutive drawstring carrying procure and a USB wire for recharging.

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