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Expert reveals the 3 hairstyles that will make you look 10 years younger

By newadmin / Published on Sunday, 24 Mar 2024 12:40 PM / No Comments / 28 views

A hair expert has laid bare the change in its texture as you get older, and why women of a certain age should opt for certain hair styles to boost their youth. Sally Brooks, creative cirector at Brooks and Brooks, explained how your hair starts to lose its natural body and shine.

Along with the increase of wrinkles, hair also begins to show signs of aging, from finer textures to more obvious greys. However, switching up how you care and style your hair could shave some years off your general appearance.

Ms Brooks told “Keeping your hair easy to maintain, maximising shine and health, and wearing simple modern styles are some of the best anti-aging tips for hair.

“Steering clear of ‘mumsy’ ageing looks and colours, and wearing hair that makes us feel good is key.  Embracing the grey by adding darker dimension and contouring keeps the grey looking modern and relevant.”

What’s more, three specific hairstyles could make you look a whopping 10 years younger, according to Kara Sanderson, Stylist & Advanced Technician at Brooks and Brooks.

1. Mid length layers

Previously seen on American actress Blythe Danner, mid-length layers create a soft and feminine shape enhancing the curl. 

This relaxed but polished look keeps the colour dimensional by adding different tones. Sanderson said: “Blythe has gradually lightened her hair from the richer, golden blonde and has started moving more towards the pale cream pallets, with platinum highlights.

“This is blending beautifully with her natural colour, allowing her skin to appear richer and keeps her looking youthful.”

2. Long bangs

A go-to for the face behind films like Book Club and Something’s Gotta Give – Diane Keaton – long bangs is strong yet soft cut that can be worn beautifully at any age. 

Sanderson said: “Longer layers but a strong base line allows her to create some lift and bounce in the top without losing the strength of the cut. The long bangs and an off-centre parting adds glamour and youth to the style.

“The colour is blended to allow her natural white hair to be present, giving the overall colour a very neutral and natural feel. 

“It’s important to remember that as we age, we not only lose colour pigment in our hair but also in our skin, so it’s key to compliment the skin with your colour.”

3. Short cuts

According to the stylist, Puerto Rican actress and dancer, Rita Moreno, is “one of the most adventurous” celebrities when it comes to hair. From short pixie cuts to classic bobs, she has experimented with different shorter styles, which reflect her “youthful, energetic spirit”. 

Sanderson said: “Variety is the spice of life and changing it up keeps us young and interesting.”

Brooks added that instead of trying to go back in time as you age, you should embrace the hair you have and make the most of it. 

She said: “Enhance it and keep it healthy by investing in high-quality products, and by investing in a good hairdresser who can take you on a new journey with your hair.”

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