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‘I’m a makeup artist – here are the 6 simple beauty hacks to make you look years younger’

By newadmin / Published on Saturday, 30 Mar 2024 15:33 PM / No Comments / 24 views

The ageing process is a natural part of getting older. As much as we might not like it, our skin will start to wrinkle and sag the older we get.

While this happens to all of us, there is a multi-billion pound industry built around anti-ageing beauty products including moisturisers, creams and hair dye among others.

And for those not satisfied with the results of these products there is a growing market for anti-ageing cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections. However, your efforts to look youthful don’t have to be so extreme. One expert revealed you can roll back the clock using make-up alone.

Make-up artist Kate Albert, from the US, took to social media platform TikTok to share her top tips for looking youthful. Speaking to her more than 123,000 followers she revealed six beauty hacks to “look younger with make-up”.

“Tips to take a couple years off your beautiful face,” she said.

For the first step she rolled eye cream into the skin under the eyes using a facial roller. Starting next to the nose she rolled it out towards the side of her face.

“Roll your eye cream into the under eye area and move it up and out so that you get rid of that fluid build up,” she said.

Next she took some eye drops and applied one drop to each eye. Kate explained: “One of the best kept make-up artist secrets – eye drops.

“The best ones are from Lumify. You can get these at Target. You just need one drop. Immediately brightens the whites of your eye.

“As we mature, the whites of our eyes can actually start to darken a little bit and so eye drops are a game changer.” Kate then applied foundation to her skin using her fingers.

“If you want the most skin-like finish from your foundation. The best tools, I like to take just two fingers and really press it into the skin. It helps that make-up to actually melt into your skin and look like skin. Make sure your hands are clean first.”

For the next tip she mixed a drop of primer in with her concealer, which she then applied to her face using her fingers again.

Kate said: “This is going to give it extra longevity, but it’s also going to help that product to melt into the skin and give you better coverage.

“You want to apply with your finger and tap it. And I’m telling you, your fingers, your hands, they are the best tools that you have.”

Kate then applied tinted powder to her face using a sponge. She specified: “Just say, ‘No’ to translucent or white powders. All they do is spotlight imperfections.

“Instead, look for a powder that has a little bit of a tint to it. They are much easier to work with and much more forgiving.” She finished off her look using a cream bronzer applied evenly with a brush.

“Add a cream bronzer into your routine,” Kate said. “You want a cream because it’s going to melt, and it’s going to mimic the actual look of the sun.

“When you get a little bit of colour in your skin, everybody looks better with that warmth. So fake it with a cream bronzer. Avoid the harmful rays.”

In a caption under the video, Kate added: “Just a note, ageing is a beautiful process, and mature skin is amazing, and this video is in no way meant to imply otherwise.

“These are just a few tips to help more sophisticated skin get the best results from make-up.”

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