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Kim Kardashian accused of ‘copying’ Kanye West’s wife Bianca Censori in snap | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

By newadmin / Published on Tuesday, 26 Mar 2024 10:36 AM / No Comments / 34 views

A third person exclaimed: “Kim Cesori!!! Kim what are you doing?!?! ” And someone else mentioned Kanye, saying: “He’s gone, never come back.”

Others also felt Kim was being influenced by Censori, with one saying: “Ok, she is acting like Brianca right now.”

Another person thought maybe Kim was just having a laugh, asking: “Is she trolling? “.

Meanwhile, Kim and her NFL star boyfriend, Odell Beckham Jr, have reportedly called it quits after a brief six-month romance.

It was revealed this week that the 43-year-old reality TV icon and the 31-year-old Baltimore Ravens player are “no longer seeing each other”, according to Life and Style magazine.

They were first linked in September and were last seen together at the Vanity Fair party in Beverly Hills on March 11.

Guests at the party said Kim and Odell were very close all night. A report from PEOPLE mentioned, “There wasn’t a ton of PDA like some of the other couples, but there was a lot of touching, and they were right near each other the entire time.

“They were careful about not being too all over each other, but there was lots of chemistry, and they left together.”

But now, it seems they’ve gone their separate ways. A source told the Daily Mail that they are: “Not seeing each other anymore right now,” leaving fans wondering if this split is for good.

No one knows why they broke up, but before they did, there were rumours that Kim might want to have another baby, this time with Odell.

Fans thought Kim and OBJ were still an item when she posted a selfie on Instagram with the words: “miss u,” which lots of people took to mean she was talking about the free agent, especially after he left the Baltimore Ravens.

Before she got together with OBJ, Kim hadn’t dated anyone since breaking up with Pete Davidson, Saturday Night Live star and comedian, in August 2022.

They had been together for nine months.

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